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by redfarts (redfarts)
at April 25th, 2013 (03:19 pm)


Virtual Open House in Second Life tomorrow for new Masters of Digital Media Program
by J (sassysha)
at November 24th, 2006 (11:34 am)


My name is Joanna Robinson - I'm a Virtual Research Assistant for the Centre
for Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver BC. On Saturday,
November 25th, 2006 the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) program at the Great
Northern Way Campus will host an Open House for prospective students from
around the globe in the online metaverse 'Second Life', where a Virtual
Centre for Digital Media building is currently under construction. This
event will be held in conjunction with a Real Life Open House taking place
simultaneously at Vancouver's Great Northern Way Campus. At both events,
potential students will learn about an innovative graduate program in
digital media planned to launch in September 2007.

More information can be found online here:

Here is a link to a flyer with more information about this event.

All are welcome, and I will be hosting!

Many thanks,
- Joanna.

Joanna S. Robinson
SL: JoannaTrail Blazer
Virtual Research Assistant:
Masters of Digital Media @ GNWC

Joanna S. Robinson
MA Candidate in Popular Culture
Teaching Assistant - PCUL 3P73 Popular Music & Youth Culture
Research Assistant - Popular Culture Niagara
Graduate Students Association Rep. - Popular Culture

Brock University

Resident Evil Outbreak Research - Looking for Participants
by J (sassysha)
at October 16th, 2006 (03:47 pm)
current location: Brock University, Ontario, Canada
current mood: busy
current song: Slither - Velvet Revolver

Dear Fellow Gamers,
I, Joanna Robinson, Graduate Student, from the Department of Communications, Popular Culture & Film, Brock University ( ), invite you to participate in a research project entitled Gender, Representations & Interactions in Resident Evil Online.

The purpose of this research project is to explore the different ways players interact in Resident Evil Online and how they think and feel about Resident Evil Online’s characters as their virtual bodies. It is also about how you play the game, other than how it was designed to be played.

I am particularly interested in talking with female REO gamers (as well as male) of any age that play Resident Evil Outbreak online, or have played it!

The expected duration is a 40-60 minute interview (by web-messaging or email) and an optional 10-30 minute session playing Resident Evil Online.

This research should benefit games research in general, by providing an important historical case study of an online console game community, as well as generating recommendations for gender inclusive game design in the future.

This is a single site project, conducted by one researcher using her password protected home office computer.
If you have any pertinent questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact the Brock University Research Ethics Officer (905 688-5550 ext 3035, There are no funds raised or profits gained by this research.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at There are also details on my website.

Thank you,


Joanna S. Robinson Dale Bradley
Graduate Student Assistant Professor
(905) 935-3138 (905) 688 5550 ext 3180

neo_qwerty [userpic]
GameFAQs Character Contest
by neo_qwerty (neo_qwerty)
at September 7th, 2005 (04:23 pm)

Please, get the time to vote for Megaman/Rockman/Rock/Mega in the Character Contest as this year's ultimate champion!

The contest is ongoing, and changes each day, so be sure to check often for the 20XX Division's semifinalist, and make him advance to the top as this year's Grand Champion!

He's the remaining representative of the entire Mega Man/Rockman comunities on the net, so we gotta help him win these hard fights!

If you were wondering, Zero was the other representative. And he lost to the mustachioed plumber Mario. So, don't let that happen to the remaining Mega Man representative, and make him win, guys!


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